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Can a photoshoot be a healing experience?

It can if you are working with Rosanne and Frank Ashley of Ashley Homestead Photography. In the past, I’ve shied away from having professional photos taken and have even been told I was “not photogenic”, Ouch! Right?

Rosanne and Frank are experienced professionals, but they are also kind, intuitive, caring, and playful. With laser focus, they tended to every detail from lighting and pose to styling clothing, and ensuring hair and makeup were camera ready. They immediately put me at ease and made it so much fun that I was able to relax and allow them to capture and reflect back to me my personality, vitality, and joy. It felt like a bit of magic was in the air. Having this experience and seeing the final photos was truly a gift. I’m so grateful to Rosanne and Frank for sharing their talent with me and for helping me see myself in a new light.”

With much appreciation,

OMG! That is fantastic! What a relief! What a blessing!!

Rosanne and I did a photoshoot—challenging for her because I really dislike having my picture taken – and I am whiny about it lol! She was wonderfully patient and imaginative in her approach and I came away with a photo that I loved and used for the website she designed.”

Thank you,



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